How BOXT uses Cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny, temporary files. They automatically download to your phone, tablet or computer when you open a website that uses Cookies.

From there they tell the website which page you're on, which page you've come from and what information you've put in.

In a nutshell – Cookies help websites recognise you.

We use Cookies:

1. To make BOXT work

We use one Cookie to make the site work.

Without it we couldn't remember anything about your old boiler and flue, so we couldn't show you the right boilers for your home.

And when you come to check out, we wouldn't remember your post code or payment information, so we wouldn't know where to send your boiler.

2. To make the site better

We use a second Cookie to tell us how people are using the site.

We need it to help us make BOXT perform better, and create an even smoother and faster experience for our customers.

3. To remember you once you've gone

We use a third Cookie to remember you once you've left the site.

Without it, you'd have to answer the questions in Find a boiler again every time you visit – even if you close the browser window by accident.

We also use this Cookie to remind you about BOXT when you're on other sites. So you know you can come back without any hassle.