How BOXT works

At BOXT you can buy an A-rated boiler and Gas Safe installation online, for a fair price that saves you around £1,350.

No 'quotes'. No callbacks. No fuss. No salespeople. Just outstanding value.

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How do we do it?

How it works 0

We ask for less than two minutes of your time to answer a few simple questions, instead of sending a salesperson out to bother you at home. It's easy to do on your phone.

With no middleman we can pass the savings on to you. And we can do it all faster, online. That's how we manage to install your boiler within 24 hours. It's as simple as that.

Here's how it works

How it works 1


To find boilers suited to you, first you'll answer a few straightforward questions.

What kind of boiler you have, the type of fuel it runs on, how big your home is, that sort of thing.

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We'll recommend a set of boiler packages tailored to your home and let you choose The One. You'll be able to compare brands and prices to help make up your mind. Every price you see includes the boiler, a free filter to keep your boiler protected, high-quality fixtures, fittings, safety attachments plus installation – everything that gets your boiler on the wall. We don't do hidden extras. And if you order a wall-mounted Combi boiler from BOXT you'll get a Honeywell Smart Thermostat worth £199.99 absolutely free.

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It's easy to spread the cost of your BOXT. Our packages start at just £10.96 per month, depending on how much you choose to put down as a deposit. You can also pay it all in one go using our secure online payments system. It's up to you.

How it works 4


We'll get the boiler sent over by recorded delivery on a date that works for you. We know hot water isn't something you want to wait for, so we offer 24-hour installation.

How it works 5


Your certified Gas Safe installer will arrive to get it all set up. Our installers are qualified, experienced professionals. They're a friendly lot, too. Installation usually takes a day, unless you're converting from a Standard to a Combi – that takes two days.

How it works 6


Pop the heating on, run yourself a bubble bath – and forget worrying about the boiler.